My name is Sam, and I was Born and raised in Yangshuo, a beautiful little town in southern China. I went to university to study English. Growing up, I have been so inspired by many great international travelers. My family and I have a guesthouse where we host people from all around the world, it's called Fun Sam's Bed and Breakfast. Since I know my hometown pretty well and have a lot of connections here, I operate private tours at Fun Sam's Tours, too.

I am a life-loving, laid back country boy who likes traveling, photography, learning languages, playing basketball, reading, exploring, hosting and all kinds of outdoor activities. 

Most times of the year I work in my hometown Yangshuo, but I do get 2 months' or so low season, during that time, I backpack to other areas see what's like out there and collect travel information in order to keep this blog as updated as possible. Also, I think the more I travel, the better I can host in Yangshuo.


After having hosted so many awesome travelers at my B&B in Yangshuo and traveled to many places in China, I realize that the information about a specific place within China is pretty limited and outdated. And there are lots of great places in China being underrated whereas some popular destinations are being overrated.

So I'm putting together this site/blog to let more people know how amazing my mother country, China and my hometown, Yangshuo can be. Another reason I wanted to launch this site/blog is help travelers obtain more travel information about various destinations in China and Yangshuo, or even overseas in the future. Everywhere I go I try to work with the locals who are able to help keep all the information updated and efficient. Feel free to contact me for any information or services.

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Tel: +86 13788438456        Email: funsamchina@gmail.com        Wechat ID: yangshuobnb