November 24, 2015

Yellow Mountain gave me great satisfaction, but I needed to keep moving towards the north, and I happened to notice that there was a few discounted flight tickets from Hefei (合肥) to Dalian (大连), so I bought my ticket and made a stay in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui...

November 22, 2015

After taking a good sleep at the bottom of the Yellow Mountain (黄山), at Tangkou Town (汤口镇), I went up to the starting point of the hike in the morning by a mini van arranged at the entrance ticket office. It was raining and foggy and I was told by the staffs from the h...

November 21, 2015

When I was in Wuyuan, I looked at the map, it was not far from Yellow Mountain (黄山), and I heard a lot of great things about Yellow Mountain, so I decided to pay a visit there before I kept moving up north. Plus, the high speed train from Wuyuan to Yellow Mountain took...

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B&B host in Yangshuo who likes traveling, photography, learning languages, playing basketball, reading, exploring, hosting and all kinds of outdoor activities. 


seeking every possible opportunity to introduce the breath-taking landscape and rich culture of China and Yangshuo to the rest of the world. 

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