You may have watched plays in the theater in an closed space. Would you like to try a totally different way of enjoying a performance, in a natural environment? If so, please come to Yangshuo to witness a performance of 'Impression Sanjie Liu'. I am sure that it will blow your mind.

The stage is surrounded with twelve limestone peaks. The mist, rain, moonlight, the hills and their inverted reflections in the river all become the ever-changing natural backdrop. Its auditorium is housed on a shoal of Li River. The sound equipment cannot be seen because it is made in harmony with the natural environment. The Li River, the lighted limestone peaks, the cool breeze and the gurgling streams are all elements contributing to the three-dimensional sound effect. Different weather offers different view as the seasons go by, so you will have unique experience every time you watch it. This is really a new concept in opera using nature as an integral part of the show, therefore, it got the fame of 'Human's Masterpiece Cooperated with the God'.

Sanjie Liu is a fairy singer in the myths and legends of the Zhuang minority in Guangxi Province. She is incomparably beautiful, and her voice matches her beauty. In the show, what you can see are the impressions derived from the daily life of the people living by the Li River, rather than the specific details of the stories. From these impressions, you will gain a realistic impression on the Sanjie Liu's birthplace and understand the beauty of the folk songs' hometown---Yangshuo.

The show is made up of 7 chapters with different themes and directed by movie maker Zhang Yimou, the man who also directed the opening ceremony for 2008 Beijing Olympics. Modern and classical music played by famous musicians of China. Additionally, over 600 performers, including local villagers and fishermen. They present the real life of the people in Sanjie Liu's hometown through their authentic and wonderful performances.
Tips: Only 1 show in the low season, 2 in the high season or on the weekends, sometimes 3. The play has been very popular, my suggestion is have it booked ahead.

Sam's rating: ★★★★★

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