Silver cave lies 20 kilometers south of Yangshuo, one of a kind cave in Yangshuo, it connects 12 limestone peaks, and there are 3 levels in the cave, you have to spiral up from first level to the top, on the top, you will get to see beautiful landscape outside the cave. Stalactites in different shapes were formed millions of years ago, and they are still being formed, changing the way the cave looks a bit everyday.

You may wonder why people call this cave Silver Cave. Here is the explanation, with some fancy lights lit on the stalactites, the minerals in the stalactites twinkle with silvery sparkles. And a legend orally carried on from generation to generation goes there was a General who failed in the war during Qin Dynasty and was forced to retreat to Yangshuo area, and he took all the wealth he had with him. Somehow, he ended up hiding in the cave, and he buried the treasure in the cave after he died, and the large number of his treasure was silver. Later, people tried to search the silver he hid in the cave, but nobody could make it. Well, would you like to go treasure hunting?  then, get your exploration started with this silvery cave in Yangshuo.

Tips: Better to hire a car to visit it, because the way to the cave is all main road, biking to there is absolutely no fun.

Sam's rating: ★★★★

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