Big Banyan Tree Park, located 8 km south of Yangshuo. It was planted in the Jin Dynasty over 1400 years ago and it's famous for its age and shape. This is also where Sanjie Liu (Zhuang Minority Legend) and Aniu Ge (Sanjie Liu's Husband) met and exchanged their love gifts. Movie "Sanjie Liu" has a couple of shots at this banyan tree. Big banyan tree has also been a sacred tree to the local villagers who would put up red stickers that means good luck to the tree trunk on every special occasion.

This banyan tree keeps growing bigger every year, now it is about 17 meters high, 7.1 meters in circumference. The roots twist irregularly and the thriving leaves stretch out further in all directions, forming the shade of about 100 square meters. You can barely feel the heat under the tree in the hot wet summer.

Sam's rating: ★★★

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