Beaches, Houmen Town

On the bus to Haifeng, I saw a nice village with beaches and thought I'd spend a day or two there, then I doubled back to that village. It was called Houmen (鲘门). One thing makes it hard to travel in a non-touristy place is finding a decent accommodation. I'm a B&B host from Yangshuo, so during my first trip, everywhere I went, I'd go for B&B if there was one. Luckily, I found one right near the beach.

The B&B was newly-built. The host told me that he had another old house in the older part of the fishing village, which I went to see the next day.

Went out straight to the beach after I settled myself and my backpacks in the B&B. The sunset near the beach always beautiful. I felt I caught a cold and had a running nose when I was there, the last thing you want to get is sick when travelling, but what could I do about it, it was what it was.

There was no restaurant in the village, so I got invited to have dinner with the host family in their old house in the older part of the village ten minutes away, they didn't live in the B&B they used for business, while I lived with my parents in Yangshuo in our B&B, a bit different. Their son took me on his scooter, driving at night, I didn't get to see what the older village was like so I decided to come to check it out the next day. Picture above taken in their living room.

The cold I caught was getting worse, they noticed it and insisted on taking me to the village clinic, his son and I were driving in the dark passing a few blocks on some winding small roads. The doctor examined me for a while and prescribed me a couple of pills for only 2 RMB, while in Yangshuo it would cost me at least 50 RMB.

This was the inside look of the door to the clinic, above the door head, there were 3 stickers with written scripts, which was very common to see here, I was told later by some villagers that those were signs to keep bad things away from the house. On left side of the front door the 2 characters mean Get Promotion, the 2 on the right side say Make More Money. We don't write anything like this on the door where I come from, but it's not hard to believe they are a bit superstitious because their life has a lot to do with the sea and the nature. Remember the red light lit above the door I mentioned in Haifeng, it was a way of them celebrating the God of Sun and They also worship the Goddess of Sea in Mazu Temples (妈祖庙). The people along China's east coastline, they are pretty much the same group of people, so don't be surprised to see red lights on above the doors and Mazu Temples everywhere.

The B&B host also put some stickers up on their doors to the rooms in the B&B, a bit spooky, I thought.

I felt much better the next day after a good night's sleep listening to the sound of the waves rushing up and down the beach. Got up to see the sunrise.

Then hiked on a country road.

Passed by a Christian graveyard, rare to see in China.

I really liked the quietness and peacefulness there.

A temple in a nearby village.

The buildings on the left are modern, the darker ones are traditional, it would've been awesome if all the traditional houses were kept.

There was not much to see in nearby village, so I went back to check out the older part of the village. There were more traditional houses than I expected.

The hall of family name in the village is always the shiniest thing.

Other pictures of the traditional houses in the village.

There was no direct bus from the village to my next destination, so I had to go back to Haifeng and then caught a bus from there. Over the years, I have learned how to plan my travels better, where to travel to and what to pack for the travels. Sometimes something may seem easy to do, but it takes some effort and a few setbacks to be able to do it better, like traveling.

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