Kaifeng, Henan

Kaifeng (开封) is a city with rich history, it was the capital city for many dynasties in China's history. Lies in the east of Dengfeng (登封), was called Bianjing (汴京) before. The famous painting " Riverside Scene During the Qingming Festival "(清明上河图) was finished based on the people's daily life in Kaifeng in the past. Local government built a park named "Qingming Festival Park" ( 清明上河园 ) to display what it was like in ancient times.

The picture of the park taken from top of a half-broken city wall.

Ancient battle fields and traditional architectures in the park.

The park have performers dressed in costumes to display what the life was like in the past in Kaifeng. These artists reflect street vendors, street artists, beggars, governmental officers from ancient China.

Daisy Festival takes place once a year in autumn in this park, attracting tourists from everywhere.

The last not the least thing I want to mention is that the battle show in the park, it was free and awesome. The professional performers and the sound system made the show so real and breathtaking. This water battler show is about the city general refuses to give in and fights to the last minute under the fierce fire of the enemies. That's the famous "Capital Bianjing Self-defend War" (东京保卫战)

Night view of Kaifeng. I can't say that the city is a very popular tourist destination, but if you are interested in that part of history, the history of Song dynasty, then Kaifeng has a lot to offer.

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