Anhui Style Architecture, Chengkan Ancient Village

When I was in Wuyuan, I looked at the map, it was not far from Yellow Mountain (黄山), and I heard a lot of great things about Yellow Mountain, so I decided to pay a visit there before I kept moving up north. Plus, the high speed train from Wuyuan to Yellow Mountain took me only 20 minutes, but from Yellow Mountain Railway Station to Yellow Mountain was quite a distance, so I stayed in Huizhou (徽州) the nearest city from the station in Anhui Province (安徽省) for a night, then headed to the foot of Yellow Mountain the next day. At Huizhou, I toured a nearby ancient village, Chengkan (呈坎), which turned out to be an unexpected highlight of my stay in Huizhou.

Rainy as always everywhere I went. Street view of Huizhou.

The architecture style in Anhui Province called Hui Style, its features are black tiles, white walls and beautiful rooftops. You may wonder why they are so similar to the architecture in Wuyuan, the reason is that Wuyuan was part of Anhui Province before.

Hongcun Ancient Village (宏村) is suppose to be the most typical and most visited ancient village of Hui style architecture near Yellow Mountain, however I picked Chengkan Ancient Village (呈坎) over Hongcun for it was more authentic and with less tourists.

Villagers were showing tourists their harvest.

The wooden house looked like the ones I saw in Wuyuan, but was less decorated with carvings, more with paints.

If you ever head your way to visit Yellow Mountain and you like Chinese architecture or ancient villages, I do recommend stopping by one of the villages near Yellow Mountain, either the most visited one Hongcun, or Chengkan. I hopped on a bus from Chengkan directly to the foot of Yellow Mountain where I booked my accommodation, which took me about half an hour. It was getting dark and still raining by the time I arrived, so I went to bed early, hoping for a good weather the next day, people from the hotel told me I was not lucky, it had been raining for days at Yellow Mountain...

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