Fenghuang in Hunan Province (Phoenix Ancient Town in Hunan)

There was no direct bus from Guilin to Fenghuang ancient town (凤凰古镇) before, but with the development of transportation and the needs for the increasing tourists, a new bus route has been established recently, which is a huge convenience for those who want to travel to Fenghuang or Zhangjiajie (张家界) after Guilin or Yangshuo. I took advantage of this update. NOTE: It's possible to travel by bus from Guilin to Fenghuang now!

The bus leaves Guilin in Qintan Bus Station at 11:00 am and it takes about 7 hours to arrive Fenghuang. By the time I arrived, it was already dark. As I walked through Fenghuang, my eyes got caught by all the colorful lights on the buildings. The night view did worth seeing. But with my backpack, I was dying to get to my hostel first and then thought about anything else.

Went out to see what it was like at night right after I put everything in the hostel. A bit crowded, but beautiful. Ancient wooden houses by both sides of the Tuo River (沱江), old minority ladies dressed in their traditional costume, selling hand-crafted souvenirs.

Toured around Fenghuang ancient town next day, it was quite different than what it looked like at night. The wooden houses built by minorities from that area were simply amazing.

Tourists on the boat.

Fenghuang Ancient Town has been home to Miao People and Tujiazu People for generations, and it also has been known as the "Bandits' Lair" because before 1950s, many local bandits allied with all the ethnic groups settled in this impregnable mountain area which was very easy to hold but hard to attack.

Minority Miao People or Tujiazu People in their traditional dresses are everywher

Kept on going on the road

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