Snow View, Zhangjiajie National Park Day 2

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Weather report said that there was a cold front coming my way, I was glad I went straight to Zhangjiajie after my short stay in Fenghuang because the snow view there was absolutely breathtaking. My friend and I didn't get to see much on day 1 so we decided to hike up to the highest view point of the national park on day 2.

The first part of this hike was quiet and we didn't get to see many tourists, later that night I was told by the ladies at the hostel that the hike we did was not popular at all among tourists, which is great, less tourists, more enjoyable.

As we hiked up, the paths kind of got frozen because of the height and cold. Holy shit! The hiking shoes I have were so slippery on the ice...I might have to get a new pair after that trip. Fortunately, I was glad that I got my down jacket with me, cold up there!


The monkeys in Zhangjiajie National Park were total criminals! They know there's food in tourists' backpacks, and I got a colorful flashy day pack, it became the target as soon as when I came across a tricky one. The young monkey sit in the middle of a stone step of the tourist paths, looking for any chance to grab something from inside your backpack, and I paid the price of an energy bar to this young robber for not getting on my back. But he had bigger eyes than his stomach...I had to have my backpack covered under my shirt to keep it from being seen. My suggestion is, watch out for your stuff, they might grab anything they can get their hands on, like your phones, wallets, etc...They were kind of cute in a way.

Mountain stream makes some nice beautiful melody.

On the way up, we saw a big arch thing with the tourist path goes though under.

On the very top of Tianzhishan, leaves on the trees were all frozen and covered in soft snow flakes.

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