In Search of Avatar, Zhangjiajie National Park Day 3

Looking for that iconic Pillar Mountain.

My buddy and I wanted to see different parts of the park, so we went separate ways on Day 3. There a very famous mountain of all the mountain peaks in Zhangjiajie, which known as the Avatar Mountain because it appeared in the movie "Avatar" a couple of times. I set off to look for that exact mountain early in the morning on Day 3. In Zhangjiajie National Park, mountains with stunning pillar-shaped peaks rise above the ground and there's a creek called Golden Whip Creek runs through the bottom of the valley, so basically what you can do in this park is either you hike along the creek at the valley or climb up to some view points on top of the mountains. We hiked up to one of the mountain tops in the park and toured around a bit on the top on day 1 and we were so close to that Avatar mountain, but we didn't get to see it because we had to come back down to our hostel because it was getting too late, we were afraid that the buses would run out. Reluctantly, we used that 100-meter elevator to save our time and it only took us 2 minutes to get down to the bus parking lot. It would be much more enjoyable riding on the way up than down.

To be able to see that Avatar mountain, I needed to cover some trails that I did 2 days ago, when I knew I was around, I asked around and finally there I was.

What makes this particular pillar special is that the bottom part of the pillar is smaller that the top part, and it sure did appear in the movie a couple of times.

There's an iron bridge that connects 2 peaks, and you can see the valley through the holes on the ground, to be honest, it was scary at that time even though you know it was not gonna break, still, you wouldn't want to step hard on it...

I kept on touring around that Avatar mountain till then I found out my buddy and I had missed so much on Day 1. After that scary iron bridge, there came a less scary but stunning natural stone bridge, it almost looked like someone carved a hole out of 2 pillar peaks.

Then I continued going to another part of the park until I made all the way to the edge where I could see area beyond the park, at that point, I understood better why this park is so unique.

A few view points along the way were worth stopping by. I felt like I had got into a fairyland with the fog and everything.

Encounter of a face tree and some monkeys

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