Chengdu, City of Panda Bears

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach a panda to bamboo and you feed him for a lifetime. This is what I have learned and what I have seen in the panda base in Chengdu.

Chengdu panda base sits on the outskirts of Chengdu City, one of the must-sees when visiting Chengdu. It was a very very foggy the day I chose to visit that place.

The panda base is like a big park.

This place is well setup for panda bears to live in, adult panda bears are separated by fences in different sections because they would fight each other if they were put together in the same place. They were so cute! Other than eating bamboo, they just lay down and sleep all day long, so if you want to see how they are fed and the way they move and eat bamboo, better pay a visit to the base before 10 am because that's the time when they finish eating for a day. Also, seeing they move is the whole point of visiting panda base in Chengdu.

In the middle of the panda base, there's a place where you get free information on how pandas are evolved given by base staffs.

"I'm going to conquer the human being world!" Says one of the red pandas in the base. Other than the precious regular panda bears, there are some sections for red panda bears in the base. Most of the time, they are hiding in the bushes or sleeping on the trees, very hard to spot one, but occasionally, they come on the tourist paths, which regular pandas are not allowed to do, look for some food from tourists, and I was lucky to take a picture of a red panda with my Gopro.

Red pandas are adorable, too!

Chengdu, city of panda bears.

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