Best Porridge in Town

As a local and a foodie in Yangshuo, I do have some authentic local restaurants to recommend, they may be located in an unnoticeable corner and not mentioned on any guide book, but we locals eat frequently in those restaurants, so in this series of posts, "Eat in Yangshuo", I'm going to share my favorite restaurants with you all. Picture above is a restaurant that at least in my opinion serves the best porridge in town, every time I want to eat some porridge, I'd call up my friends and crash it, of course it has other good stuff as well, I'll write some more about it in this post.

This restaurant only opens at night every day after probably 7:00 pm, it's a place where we locals go enjoy our night life, meeting friends, drinking beer or alcohol and eating night food, keep in mind, they don't open during the daytime and it doesn't have an English name, its Chinese name would be like 潮州新弟沙煲粥, located near Yangshuo Gas Station, the Chinese name of the restaurant is hidden behind a couple of trees, so it's a bit hard to find, but won't be a problem if you have the Chinese name, also in the picture above, they've got their phone number.

These are the street view near that restaurant just in case you need some references, the New Century Hotel and some fruit stands are nearby. It's on Longyue Road 龙岳路,and if you google map it by "新弟潮州粥" you will find it.

Specialties from this restaurants are: Porridge, Beef, Spring Rolls, Drunk Shrimps. And it also serves other local food, too. The flavor in this restaurant tends to be spicy and hot, be aware!

Not only do they serve great porridge, their other food and snacks are delicious and authentic.

Fish, shrimp, snail, duck.

Duck feet are supposed to be better than chicken feet.

Pig ear, pig tail

Spring rolls

Cold salty beef dressed with sauce is also one of my favorite dishes from this restaurant.

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