City of Stinky Tofu, Changsha, Hunan

Chairman Mao was from Hunan, and he did his studies in Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province, local government built a stone statue of Young Chairman Mao at the edge of Juzizhou shoal (橘子洲) in River Xiang (湘江). Changsha is visited by tourists mostly for its authentic spicy Hunan Cuisine. Situated thousands of kilometers south of Kaifeng, it was the last city I stopped by before I made my way home. Thought I'd blog about it.

Spicy noodle was the first thing I ate when I arrived Changsha, the flavor is pretty much like what we have in Yangshuo because these 2 places are very close, so the flavor of Yangshuo local food is very similar to Hunan food. After travelling too long in central part of China, kind of missed the food from hometown.

Explored the city and Juzizhou the next day, still very rainy and fogy, nothing special to say about the city itself.

The famous Aiwan Pavilion (爱晚亭) in Yuelu Hill (岳麓山) near Hunan University.

More pictures from Hunan Uni and the park.

The tourist street in Changsha, full of food, don't be surprised by the quantity of the stinky tofu sold there, you could smell them from anywhere at any time. People always say they may smell bad, but taste good, which I believe to be true, I'm gonna have to eat more when I visit it next time. Changsha was the last stop of the trip and I will keep writing more posts about China and Yangshuo, thank you for reading.

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