Yangshuo Best Oil-tea Restaurant

Yangshuo oil-tea (油茶) is a drink made from smashed green tea/black tea, ginger and water. Often eaten with crispy fried rice, fried dough, and peanuts, coriander and chopped green onion, don't forget to put some salt into it. This is definitely one of the most authentic food from Yangshuo area, most people don't like it at first sip, but the more you drink, the better taste you will get from it. A friend of mine from other cities in China told me, it took him a year to get used to the oil-tea taste. The best oil-tea restaurant situates opposite side of Yangshuo Fire Station. During dining time, all the tables would be fully seated, reservation up in front is highly recommended. I will add more pictures of the restaurant and the street view next time I go there.

That's what it looks like, olive color.

One of the reasons I recommend this restaurant is they serve tons of great dim-sum and other dishes. Picture above is the fried potato noodles.

Cold plate: pickled cucumber in aged vinegar

Fried dumplings.

Fried sweet rice cake.

Rice rolls stuffed with pork, corn.

Well then, the very typical Chinese food, pot-stewed duck feet!

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