These Bad Boys Are Back

Hot air balloon has been quiet for a long time in Yangshuo since the unexpected accident that happened in the year 2008, now with the new aviation base being finished, they are coming back to Yangshuo. The only regret is, out of safety consideration that the hot air balloons can't fly anywhere they want anymore, it must be tied down with 3 ropes which only allows you to see the landscape from up above. It used to be able to fly to any corner of Yangshuo, anyways, it's better than nothing.

This time, the new aviation base introduces a whole new way of flying for tourists to take part in, Powered Para-gliding, which I think is a better experience than just sitting in the basket of a hot air balloon.

The aviation base is near Yulong River, you are able to see the beautiful river when you are flying up there. Picture above taken at the base.

This aviation base is the only place in Yangshuo where you can get hot air balloon tours now after the accident. Local government has been really tight on qualification of running an aviation base.

The powered para-glider.

Looks fun

More information given by the staffs from the base.

  • Hot Air Balloon

Height: 30 to 80 meters (tied down with 3 ropes), depending on the weather

Tour length: About 5 minutes

Price: RMB 105

  • Powered Para-gliding

Height: 50 to 80 meters

Distance: 6 Km

Tour length: 5 to 8 minutes.

Price: RMB 365

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