Yangshuo Classic Biking Route A

As an outdoor lover, I got to know a lot of great off-the-beaten-path places in Yangshuo where you can either hike or bike to. In the following post I'm going to present to you one of my favorite biking/hiking route in details with pictures and captions.

Starting point: Fun Sam's Bed and Breakfast. Take a left turn in front of Sam's and keep going down the road for like 5 or 10 minutes, then you will be at a fork intersection where you can see a stone bridge, the biking/hiking trail is on the other over the stone bridge. I met a friend that day at the stone bridge.

View you get to see after you get on the paved hiking/biking path, keep going down until you get to the main road. There's a village called Chaoyang Village (朝阳寨) by the main road, go inside the village, you will get to some fields, and the Yulong River (遇龙河) is not far from that village.

A water buffalo

The trail by the river.

The route is by the Yulong River, doesn't matter if you keep the river on your left or on your right. Both ways are great for sightseeing.

These pictures were taken during late December, all the fields that season were planted with rapeseed flowers so that the tourists would get to see the beautiful yellow flowers everywhere next spring, then farmers would replant the same fields with rice plants after that.

My bike likes to be in the picture.

There are the cows, mostly for farming.

That smoke in the picture is from a pile of hay, the ashes are good fertilizers for the plants.

My bike again.

Winter sunset always makes shadows so long.

Wavy limestone peaks.

An old man smiling at me with his knife.

Other bikers on the road.

One of my favorite lookout point along the route.

I came back the same way I took, it was getting darker and darker as the sun went down.

Last golden light in the west.

Don't be afraid of getting lost in the countryside of Yangshuo, that's part of the fun.

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