Yangshuo 2-Day Must-see Tour Plans

Spending only 1 full day in Yangshuo is absolutely not enough but when you got 2 full days in Yangshuo and how to spend it to its full use? Let Sam introduce some highlighted things that you must see when spending 2 days in Yangshuo.

  • For sightseeing lovers: Day 1, Li River Cruise in the morning, then visit Shangri-la Park in the afternoon, and finish the day by watching Impression Sanjie Liu (Light Show) at night.

Day 2, Bamboo Rafting on Yulong River in the morning, then visit Water Cave, Big Banyan Tree Park and Moon Hill Park in the afternoon, and finish the day by watching Cormorant Fishing Show at night.

  • For outdoor lovers: Day 1, Biking in the morning along the Yulong River, then Rock Climbing in the afternoon, rest the night.

Day 2, Hiking in the morning in the mountains, then caving in the afternoon, rest the night.

  • For photographers: Day 1, Visit Husband Mountain early in the morning to take pictures of sun rise, then go to the Yulong River to take more pictures in the afternoon.

Day 2, Go to Xingping early in the morning before sunrise to take pictures of Cormorant Fishing with the fishermen and cormorant birds, then visit Cuiping (翠屏) in Putao (葡萄) to take pictures of Yangshuo countryside.

These tour plans are my idea of highlighted things to do when you only have like 2 full days in Yangshuo, check out more details of each activity, please open the page Fun Sam's Private Tours.

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