Hi, everybody, welcome to my neck of the woods! Yangshuo Fun Sam's Bed and Breakfast offers affordable clean comfortable rooms and home-like cozy accommodation for fella travelers looking for guesthouse, vacation rentals, homestay, hotel, hostel, inn and special lodging in Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, China. My mom cooks authentic Yangshuo local food and she's happy to share cooking skills with guests. And I organize private tours, please click page Fun Sam's Tours Yangshuo for more information.


You will not only get to stay in comfort but also experience the real beauty of wild Yangshuo as well as the rich culture and authentic food staying at Fun Sam's.

 Tour to the Rooms and House 

17 rooms available in the house. The 1st floor is our living room and common area. My family and I we stay on the 2nd floor. The rooms for guests use are from the 3rd floor to the 7th, and there's a rooftop for scenery lookouts on top of the 7th.

The rooms are

  • Twin rooms (2 separate beds, private bathroom, fit 2 people);

  • king-sized rooms (1 big bed, private bathroom, fit 2 people);

  • A triple room (3 separate beds, private bathroom, fit 3 people);

  • A private family suite (on the 5th floor, 1 king-sized room, 2 twin rooms and a spacious living room, each room has its own private bathroom, fit up to 6 people)

  • A romantic roof top 

  • 24h hot water 

  • Wi-Fi access all over the building

  • Air conditioned in the rooms

  • Kitchen and dining room available

  • Breakfast/dinner available

  • Suitable for events 

  • English speaking host 

  • Bikes, scooters and car rental

  • Private tours & outdoor activities

  • Hiking

  • Rock climbing

  • Dumpling making at Sam's

  • Basketball games

  • Cooking tutorials

  • Swimming in the Yulong River/Li River

 Location and Surroundings 

​A main road in front of my house which leads you to both countryside and city center less than 10 minutes. A rooftop overlooks the city. The house is close to everything, restaurants, biking routes, hiking trails. 

A basketball court a couple of blocks away.


Mobile: +86 13788438456


Address: No.27, Xiangshui Road, Yangshuo, Guilin, Guangxi, China 

Address in Chinese: 中国广西桂林阳朔县响水桥27号

Fun Sam's front door
Front door Sam's
King-sized Room
Twin Room
Twin Room
Private bathroom
Living room common area
Living room common area
Pictures on the wall
Tea shelf and dinner table
View from rooftop
Sunset on rooftop
Mopeds and scooters for rent
Van available
Bikes for rent
 How to Get to Sam's 

There's an international airport in Guilin, one and only, named, Liangjiang International airport, 1.5 hours away from Yangshuo, 1 hour away from Guilin downtown. 4 train stations in Guilin, but the most used ones are Guilin North Train Station and Guilin Train Station. 1 Bus Station in Guilin, which is next to Guilin Train Station, like 10 minutes away on foot. 

There's no airport in Yangshuo, but 1 Railway Station (high speed train station), a bit far from Yangshuo downtown, though, like 1 hour away by car. There are 2 Bus Stations in Yangshuo, the Yangshuo North Bus Station and South Bus Station.

  • From Guilin Airport

Shuttle buses from Guilin Airport to Yangshuo North Bus Station run every 30 minutes or so. 50 RMB/passenger. And I arrange private transfers from/to Guilin Airport for a better price than the taxi you get at the airport, more importantly, the pickup arranged by me knows where my place is. If you need this service, please let me know your flight details and you will find the driver waiting for you at the arrival hall on time holding a sign with your name written on.

  • From Guilin North Train Station

No direct shuttle buses to Yangshuo, so you need to take a city bus to Guilin Bus Station, and then take a bus from there to Yangshuo North Bus Station, please contact me if you need car pooling service or private pickup service.​

  • From Guilin Train Station (not Guilin North Train Station)

No direct shuttle buses to Yangshuo, but Guilin Bus Station is 10 minutes walk away from Guilin Train Station, buses from Guilin Bus Station to Yangshuo North Bus Station run frequently. And if you have much luggage or don't want any hustle on local buses, private pickup is highly recommended.​​

  • From Yangshuo Train (Railway) Station

This new high speed train station is nearly 1 hour away by car from Yangshuo downtown, shuttle buses run frequently in between. 

  • From both Yangshuo North Bus Station and South Bus Station

Sam's is right in between these 2 bus stations in Yangshuo so no matter which station you come, it only takes about 15 minutes walk, and if I'm available when you arrive, I offer free pickup from ​either bus station in Yangshuo or anywhere from downtown. If you think it's a little bit complicated. Taxi is about 20 RMB. My address in Chinese is: 响水桥27号,沃德酒店旁边. Give Sam a call if you need any help: +86 13788438456

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Tel: +86 13788438456        Email:        Wechat ID: yangshuobnb